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Desertfest Berlin 2022 - Official Tickets

What to do with tickets from 2020?

Weekend tickets (3-days passes) from 2020 stay valid automatically for our 4-days edition in 2022. You don’t have to do anything but hold on to your ticket and show up to our festival in 2022. You will be granted access to Desertfest Berlin for the full 4 days (yes, you get one day on top for free!). Of course you can return your ticket and claim a refund, if you want to. Please read below how to proceed in that case.

Single day tickets from 2020 MUST be returned / will be refunded! We hope you'll understand there are logistical changes to the original 2020 line-up. Due to these challenges, existing single day ticket holders will be refunded for their chosen day. You will not be able to attend the respective 2022 date with your 2020 single day ticket. Please read below how to claim your refund.

How to claim your refund:

Mandatory for 2020 single day ticket holders.

Please write an e-mail to info@greyzone-concerts.de with the following infos:

          * Your full name (first and last name)

          * Your order number

          * Your bank details (IBAN + BIC)

Our partners from Greyzone will process your refund request as fast as possible and transfer the money back to you via bank transfer. Please be patient, there will probably be some delays due to the high amount of requests.